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[at]health is the story strategy consulting service offered by Jason Berek-Lewis and Healthy Startups.

Launching [at]health provides me with 2 brands:


  • Healthy Startups - which focuses on championing innovations and innovators in healthcare, primarily through the blog at and on social media channels
  • [at]health - which provides content marketing, copywriting, social media and training services to healthcare organisations including hospitals, startups, non-profits, professional and patient organisations



Work with me through [at]health 

Storytelling is the #1 skill needed in healthcare marketing and social media: that’s why [at]health is here to help you share your story with the people that matter to your health service, whether you are a small medical practice, a biotech company, a mobile/ app focused startup, a research organisation, a patient group or a hospital.

[at]health can develop and execute your story strategy by:

  • launching your brand, product, service in the healthcare space (including graphic design)

  • developing a consistent story and content strategy for your website (including SEO strategy), personal or company blog, promotional material and social media sites

  • building your online following across  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and more

  • creating an engaged community of customers, users and evangelists to share your news and achievements on social media

  • creating and executing a strategy to get your healthcare brand in front of decision makers and influencers

  • promoting your work in traditional print, television, radio and online media

  • teaching your staff how to speak with the media, use social media and write for blogs and websites


Healthy Startups' [at]health works with healthcare clients around the world and offers a unique global connection service placing your startup, patient group, research foundation, accelerator, medical practice, university, conference or event in touch with potential supporters, advocates, customers and investors.

When you work with [at]health, you deal directly with me. I have more than 10 years of experience in healthcare marketing and public relations and am an award winning blogger and in demand speaker. I can also leverage my global network in marketing, social media and design to add additional value and capacity to the work we do together. 

Contact me today to start working together tomorrow. +61 404 055 265